No official support (CSC)
  • USB3 implementation is broken
  • You can build images for this board by checkout out to s500-eol tag
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100tx 32bit 4 core eMMC i2c wifi Actions S500

* Specifications differ from hardware revision, model and software support level


We provide a selection of images that fits hardware best. If you need different image - use build framework and make whatever you need. Build framework relies on Debian and Ubuntu packages - you can build any combination - stable, old stable or rolling release.
Make sure you have a good & reliable boot media (SD card / USB key) and a proper power supply. Archives can be flashed with Etcher (all OS) directly. Insert the SD card into the slot, connect a cable to your network if possible or a display and power your board. (First) boot (with DHCP) takes a bit longer.