No official support (CSC)
  • UART is possible to solder to this TV box and is accessible with unusual speed: 1500000
  • Video and 3D acceleration addon
  • Images are optimized and tested on 2GB / 16GB eMMC / 1000TX LAN version
  • Clocking to maximum safe CPU speed (1.51Ghz) is possible this way:
    sed -i "s/MAX_SPEED=.*/MAX_SPEED=1510000/" /etc/default/cpufrequtils 
    service cpufrequtils restart

    Make sure to install large heatsink!


  1. Download and unpack flasher for Linux
  2. Download and unpack the desired armbian image
  3. Unpack and copy armbian .img file into z28_linux_flasher/image/armbian.img


  1. Short a resistor with tweezers as shown in the picture and attach USB A-A cable to the edge USB2.0 port at the same time
  2. Your device should be switched to maskrom mode and become ready for flashing. This is indicated as new USB device: Bus 003 Device 007: ID 2207:320c
  3. Go to z28_linux_flasher and execute: sudo ./ -c rk3328 -p system -i image/armbian.img
  4. You should see running % from 0 to 100% and the process should be done in a few minutes:
    PARTITIONS OFFSET: 0 sectors.
    Downloading bootloader succeeded.
    Write LBA from file (100%)
    Reset Device OK.
  5. Unplug cables and power the board.


1000tx 2GB 4 core 64bit docker eMMC usb3 wireguard Rockchip RK3328

* Specifications differ from hardware revision, model and software support level


We provide a selection of images that fits hardware best. If you need different image - use build framework and make whatever you need. Build framework relies on Debian and Ubuntu packages - you can build any combination - stable, old stable or rolling release.
Make sure you have a good & reliable SD card and a proper power supply. Archives can be flashed with Etcher (all OS) directly. Insert the SD card into the slot, connect a cable to your network if possible or a display and power your board. (First) boot (with DHCP) takes a bit longer.
SUPPORTED devices are tested and they should work well apart from known issues and missing features. Support is provided as far as possible (in general there is no support for 3rd party hardware like DVB tuners and software like Kodi). Please check the documentation and existing forum posts before posting a question. Questions on private channels are considered as offence. SUITABLE FOR TESTING (WIP) are devices which we’re currently working on but they might not be fully ready! These images are usually suitable for developers and experienced users. They are not very well tested but they might work without any problems. Your help to improve this situation is greatly appreciated. NO OFFICIAL SUPPORT (CSC) are devices which are supported by the 3rd party. We usually don't have hardware samples nor conduct any tests but they might work well. Provided images comes without any warranty and update might worsen usability and stability.

Other download variants

VariantEUUSAAsiaTorrentUser spaceKernelIntegritySizeLast modified
Jammy server (autobuild)n/an/an/astable5.15.70SHA  ASC366MSep 25, 2022
Jammy XFCE desktop (autobuild)n/an/an/astable5.15.70SHA  ASC1265MSep 25, 2022
Sid server (autobuild)n/an/an/arolling5.15.70SHA  ASC441MSep 25, 2022
Sid XFCE desktop (autobuild)n/an/an/arolling5.15.70SHA  ASC1126MSep 25, 2022
* Looking for rolling releases? Check here. Do you need a different variant of image? Use build framework and make one!
Archived versions(use archived builds in case current doesn't boot)