Armbian 23.02 Quoll is now available! It features a new LTS kernel based on Linux 6.1.y (where possible), with builds around Bullseye and Jammy, as well as, introduces Debian Bookworm and Ubuntu Lunar for developers. Armbian OS remains one of the most popular OS’s on the new Rockchip RK3588 platform, featuring official support for Radxa Rock 5 and Orange Pi 5.

Armbians’ mission is to provide a sustainable, maintainable, and uniform system offering that can be trusted to run on various single-board computers.

For details, please visit release change log or watch this interview with Armbian’s founder.

Complete rework of build framework


Development, which took over two years to complete, brings significant improvements on all levels. This will be the last release before we switch to the new build framework, which has been completely rewritten. The new build framework has an advanced but simple-to-use logging system and we no longer use external compilers and the caching system has been reworked to maximize space and computing resources. Compilation works on all architectures and operating systems, including now officially supporting WSL2. The future is today!

git clone

Every contribution counts


This release represents the hard work of exceptional individuals who have contributed their time and expertise. Many thanks to (in alphabetical order):

@150balbes, @AGM1968, @Azq2, @EvilOlaf, @Heisath, @Kreyren, @ManoftheSea, @RichNeese, @SteeManMI, @The-going, @Tonymac32, @adeepn, @amazingfate, @belegdol, @brent, @catalinii, @efectn, @linkage, @henkiejan1, @hzyitc, @iamdrq, @iav, @igorpecovnik, @jock, @koftikes, @Marcone, @matthijskooijman, @mhoffrog, @paolosabatino, @rpardini, @schwar3kat, @SteeMan, @sgjava, @xlazom00

Special thanks to all of the Armbian users, supporters and project partners who understand our works importance and help the project with donations of time, money, hardware and expertise!

Reasons to choose Armbian

  • friendly and optimised Linux OS with a low memory footprint
  • specially tailored images for dedicated hardware
  • powerful SDK that can build a Linux distribution
  • 2FA authentication via SSH
  • automated language selection
  • point or rolling release
  • supporting all major desktop environments

From the news

Armbian 23.02 Released with Linux Kernel 6.1 LTS, Initial Debian Bookworm Support