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Story Story: Prepare JSON info and matrices fail with USE_MAINLINE_GOOGLE_MIRROR="yes", Assigned to: Ricardo PardiniStory Story: Reconstruct / copy Bigtreetech DT for 6.6.y, Assigned to: John The Cooling FanBug Bug: Armbian wallpaper doesn't show on KDE plasma desktop, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Improve code fail detection at PR, Assigned to: Peter CharBug Bug: Gnome desktop autosuspend needs to be disabled, Assigned to: NoneStory Story: Merging build config options, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Rework overlay compilation support, Assigned to: NoneBug Bug: Odroid M1 goes into suspent and doesn't wake up, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Revisit items in armbian-bsp due to beta / nigtly and other parameters, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikStory Story: Refactoring developers documentation, Assigned to: Michel Didier JoomunStory Story: Improve Allwinner support, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikStory Story: New how-to build Armbian video, Assigned to: NicoD's SBCsTask Task: Extend support to show all available kernels for RK3588 family in armbian-config, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikBug Bug: Nighly images are only on GitHub, Assigned to: tylerBug Bug: Video acceleration and panfrost driver inoperative, Assigned to: Efe ÇetinBug Bug: Apt Warning: Signature Key Uses Weak Algorithm, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikBug Bug: Some desktops dependencies are failing, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikTask Task: Linux headers package align with the world, Assigned to: Jianfeng LiuBug Bug: Base files are downgrading when installing KDE Neon x86, Assigned to: Ricardo PardiniTask Task: Changing default DNS to Quad9, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Bump meson and meson64 EDGE kernel to 6.9.y, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikTask Task: Bump Odroid XU4 EDGE to Kernel 6.9.y, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikTask Task: Bump imx6 EDGE kernels to 6.9.y, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikTask Task: Bump RaspberryPi kernels to 6.9, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikTask Task: Adding Armbian to, Assigned to: Emmanuil CTask Task: Add KDE plasma to Armbian Noble, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikBug Bug: Debian bookworm XFCE lacks wallpaper and lockscreen, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Enable i3WM on Armbian Noble, Assigned to: NoneBug Bug: Freeze source does not work when USE_MAINLINE_GOOGLE_MIRROR="yes" is used, Assigned to: NoneBug Bug: Ethernet on Orange Pi 3B not working properly, Assigned to: NoneBug Bug: KDE plamsa doesn't show with 3D acceleration, Assigned to: Jianfeng LiuBug Bug: Odroid M1 doesn't come back from suspend, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Fix for when clock is not in sync, Assigned to: NoneBug Bug: XRDP works correct with root login, fails if user logins, Assigned to: NoneBug Bug: Raspberry Pi builds needs vcgencmd, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Add mvebu patchset for 6.9, Assigned to: HeisathTask Task: Rework board configs status automation, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Add Actions script to do regular shell format check, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikBug Bug: UEFI EFI partition calculation is fragile, Assigned to: Scott PepperBug Bug: Cosmetic - UEFI install swap creation, Assigned to: Scott PepperBug Bug: Upgrading from rk3588 legacy kernel is not working, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Create github action to refresh kernel config, Assigned to: Peter CharTask Task: Improve Docker handling, Assigned to: NoneBug Bug: UEFI install provides EFI partition as install target option, Assigned to: Scott PepperTask Task: Rework support for jethub devices, Assigned to: ViacheslavTask Task: Rework rk3328-roc-cc patches, Assigned to: Tony McKahanBug Bug: [Uefi-X86_Ubuntu 22.04.3 ] Impossible to update Grub, stalled into minimal grub stage, Assigned to: NoneStory Story: Provide kernel debug builds, Assigned to: Gunjan GuptaTask Task: Enable ethernet on Bananapi M2 Zero, Assigned to: NoneStory Story: Reduce out of the tree wireless drivers, Assigned to: NoneStory Story: Improve automated desktop testing script, Assigned to: NoneStory Story: Rename beta to nightly as its more common in FOSS world, Assigned to: NoneStory Story: Reconfigure supported host systems, Assigned to: NoneStory Story: Generate Github actions for generating dedicated SDK armbian x86 image, Assigned to: Peter Char