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Should be completed in 23.08

Sorted by priority

Bug Bug: Some Allwinner 32bit boards hangs at boot, Assigned to: NoneBug Bug: UEFI install provides EFI partition as install target option, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikBug Bug: RockPI-S serial console drops keystrokes, Assigned to: Brent RomanTask Task: Revisit items in armbian-bsp due to beta / nigtly and other parameters, Assigned to: NoneStory Story: Provide kernel debug builds, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Merge Odroid M1 into rockchip64 family, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Optimise images download build lists, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Add Crust to Allwinner boards to enable power management functions, Assigned to: NoneStory Story: Improve Allwinner support, Assigned to: NoneStory Story: Improve Khadas support, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikTask Task: Enable ethernet on Bananapi M2 Zero, Assigned to: NoneStory Story: Reduce out of the tree wireless drivers, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Improve Docker handling, Assigned to: NoneBug Bug: Command docker-shell seems to be broken, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Mirror base files to our repository, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikTask Task: Check if appropriate build targets has been generating, Assigned to: Patrick YavitzTask Task: Add to legacy kernel, Assigned to: Patrick YavitzTask Task: Add board to auto-testing facility, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikTask Task: Adjust Bananapi WiKi Pages, Assigned to: Rafał HacuśEpic'' Epic: Improve Bananapi CM4 support, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikStory Story: Improve automated desktop testing script, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Generate dev container for MS Code, Assigned to: NoneBug Bug: Bookworm Gnome lacks wallpaper withing lightdm, Assigned to: NoneStory Story: Switch default login manager, Assigned to: NoneStory Story: Add support for most recent memory chips on BPi M5, Assigned to: Bret WeberTask Task: Khadas Edge (RK3399) has wrong name and picture, Assigned to: NoneStory Story: Address DNS resolve with Debian Bookworm, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: I need to setup devicetree for GRUB, Assigned to: NoneBug Bug: simpledrm module prevents Mali G-31 hardware acceleration, Assigned to: SoSieStory Story: Refactoring developers documentation, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Rework support for jethub devices, Assigned to: VyacheslavBug Bug: XFCE image Rpi is missing from web download, Assigned to: NoneStory Story: Rename beta to nightly as its more common in FOSS world, Assigned to: NoneStory Story: New how-to build Armbian video, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikStory Story: Reconfigure supported host systems, Assigned to: NoneTask Task: Enable xradio on Kernel 6.1, Assigned to: Igor PecovnikTask Task: Rework rk3328-roc-cc patches, Assigned to: Tony McKahanTask Task: Enable HiDPI support for i3, Assigned to: Tomas Mozdren

Planned for 23.11 and further

Sorted by priority