Armbian 23.8 Colobus

We are very pleased to announce the public availability of Armbian OS 23.08, the Linux distribution, and 23.08 package set, under the codename »Colobus«. After the complete rework of our build framework, we proceeded with refreshing repository management and automation processes. We have significantly stabilized both our framework and many hardware platforms we are taking care of.

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Our Focus

Armbian delivers four point releases each year, representing our team’s dedicated efforts to stabilize this complex and ever-changing system.

We release updates every 4 months, with weekly meetings for both our developers and community. Our team consists of individuals with varying levels of experience/interaction, including full-time contributors, part-time contributors, and helpful volunteers. Armbian serves as a foundational project that brings immense value to the entire Linux community. Even if you opt for a different Linux distribution on your single board computer, there’s a high possibility that you’re still benefiting from Armbian.

Our primary focus is to provide optimized images tailored to specific hardware. Additionally, we offer a generic aarch64 image that works seamlessly on compatible UEFI hardware like Ampere Altra. However, only a few single board computers support this standard, and it is currently in the early alpha phase, lacking certain important features for these devices. Hence, we adhere to existing boot scenarios and provide specific images for each hardware. Our entire ecosystem is designed to handle the generation of numerous images efficiently when the need arises.

Another significant aspect driving our efforts is addressing the diversity in single board computers. We strive to simplify the process to a point where anyone can create OS images from sources.

Improvements and enhancements

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Remarkable Contributors and Supporters

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the exceptional individuals who have poured their time and expertise into constantly making Armbian great. Warm “Thank You” goes to Armbian developers & contributors @rpardini @igorpecovnik @viraniac @pyavitz @paolosabatino @efectn @amazingfate @Tonymac32 @lanefu @glneo @hzyitc @belegdol @adeepn … to Armbian infrastructure support staff @EvilOlaf @Rafal-Hacus @TheLinuxBug and many more!

Everyone, please enjoy new Armbian 23.08!

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