Dear Armbians,

It’s been a month since our last newsletter. We hope you are enjoying our new release! Here are the topics we are working on:


We are aware that our primary repository management and rsync servers need serious upgrades, as it takes hours and hours to deliver a release. Past week we have enabled two additional servers and several others are waiting for the upgrade. This will further improve time to deliver updates and new images.


We are working on improving the documentation, focusing on the build framework. The current build framework documentation is largely outdated, which poses a challenge for those unfamiliar with the tool.


We are very close to making immutable and reproducible builds. A few ideas for improving UX have been proposed, such as being able to choose the network management at build or first run. Advanced users may not require Network Manager during server deployment.

How to Participate

If you encounter any issues with the current release or notice any old unresolved bugs, please jump in and help us make Armbian better! You can join us at

Thank you for your support, and keep watching for more exciting news!
Best regards,
The Armbian Team