Dear Armbian Community,

We’re excited to share the latest updates!

Board Support Policy Changes

We’re refining our approach by focusing on select boards for better support and reliability:

  • Standard Support: Boards receiving comprehensive, reliable support.
  • Staging Support: Boards undergoing support validation.
  • Community Maintained: Boards benefiting from community support.

Discover more about our updated support policies and details here.

Supported boards must significantly benefit Armbian, with their statuses confirmed and agreed upon by our team to ensure high-quality standards.

Upcoming Release Highlights

Our next release will prioritize supported and community-supported images. Plus, the introduction of the Armbian-unofficial prefix allows for customized image creation.

The upcoming LTS kernel, version 6.6, will integrate into specific build targets! We’re also experimenting with UEFI EDK2, exploring new possibilities for our ecosystem. Track our progress on GitHub.

Call Out for Help

As we approach the release, your contributions are invaluable. Join us in refining and fixing issues to make Armbian even better:

  • Participate in identifying and fixing bugs here.
  • Contribute to ongoing pull requests and bug fixes on GitHub.
  • Become a sponsor of our work.

Thank you for being an essential part of the Armbian community!

The Armbian team