Dear Armbian Community,

It’s been an eventful two weeks since our last point release of 2023. Despite facing some challenges, we’ve been hard at work ensuring the continued excellence of Armbian.

Point Release Recap

Unfortunately, we encountered unexpected issues since our release. A batch of images was accidentally deleted, requiring a complete restart of the generation process. Additionally, our main rsync server experienced IPv6 connectivity issues, resulting in delays in mirror synchronization for several days. However, we’ve successfully generated our first set of images, now available by checking out the builds script to v23.11.

Enhanced Support Policies

To streamline our support framework, we’ve refined our support policies, categorizing hardware into three tiers: Standard Support, Staging Support, and Community Maintained. To align with these changes and minimize confusion, adjustments have been made to our forums. We remain in Best effort, primarily focusing on areas under “Standard Support”

Continuous Integration Rebuilds

Moving forward, both Standard and Staging hardware will undergo full CI rebuilds, ensuring the availability of the latest Debian and Ubuntu derived images with automated testing. Community maintained images will be compiled weekly and exclusively hosted on GitHub at

Platform Enhancements

Facebook connector

In addition to these developments, we’ve resolved the Facebook connector issue on our forums to facilitate access without requiring additional registration.


We’ve officially registered the #armbian channel on the OFTC IRC network. This addition has been seamlessly integrated as a communication bridge, ensuring messages relay to Libera and Discord platforms. Based on the usage and engagement in this channel, we’re considering the addition of more channels, such as those dedicated to SoC discussions or off-topic conversations, to further enrich our community interactions.

Community Engagement

We are dedicated to continually improving our forums and greatly value your feedback. Furthermore, we’re actively seeking additional moderators whose role will involve keeping forum conversations polite and discussions in their categories.

Thank you for being part of the Armbian community!

Best regards,
The Armbian Team