Dear Armbians,

Can you smell the Christmas trees? The scent of pine and warmth fills the air 🎄🥳

As we gather around our devices, connected by a shared passion for innovation and open-source possibilities, it’s time to celebrate not just the festivities but also the incredible work we’ve made together. Here are the highlights for the end of the year!

Updates and highlights:

  • Odroid N2 and M1: We’re excited to announce the elevation of Odroid N2 and M1 to standard support, ensuring enhanced performance and stability.
  • Raspberry Pi 5: Raspberry Pi 5 has been added to our standard support list! Liberating our users from Debian/Ubuntu dependencies. This advancement unlocks the potential for diverse userland combinations, offering greater flexibility.
  • RK3399 Breakthroughs: Thanks to the dedication of @andrewz1 🙌, we’ve successfully resolved the long-standing PCI probe problem and fixed the connectivity issue on Nanopi R2C. Additionally, our mainline RK3399 images now boast an added HEVC video decoder, enabling seamless movie playback via mpv.
  • Enhancements Across the Board: We’ve been hard at work fixing various issues across different devices:
    • Orangepi One+ and Pi3 phy now have stable Ethernet connections (they broke down due to upstream changes).
    • Orangepi 5 now supports mainline uboot.
    • Orangepi Zero 2 added wireless support for mainline images.
  • Device Resurrections: With dedication and effort, we’ve resurrected the Jetson Nano, breathing new life into this remarkable device.
  • Infrastructure Improvements: Our testing framework has been expanded, ensuring robustness and reliability in our solutions.
  • Odroid HC4: The issue with SATA drive recognition on Odroid HC4 has been successfully resolved, ensuring smooth operations.

As we enjoy this special time, may the lights and laughter make your days extra nice. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have a wonderful time with your family and friends. Cheers to an amazing holiday season! 🎄🎉🎊

The Armbian team