Dear Armbian Community,

Let’s welcome 2024! As always, we are committed to providing you with the latest updates and improvements to enhance your Armbian experience. Here’s a roundup of recent developments:

Armbian Build Framework

The Armbian build framework has been extended with official Github action scripts. These scripts make image re-compilation for your hardware a breeze, allowing you to choose different configurations with or without customization. Check it out on the GitHub Marketplace.

Kernel Upgrades

We have completed kernel upgrades for the current kernel selection. The default upcoming kernel on most platforms will now be based on the most recent LTS kernel base 6.6.y. Additionally, EDGE kernels are already distributed with the latest 6.7.y.

Rockchip Kernel Families Merge

Our ongoing efforts involve merging disassociated Rockchip kernel families to streamline maintenance and provide a more cohesive user experience.

Device-Specific Updates

  • Licheepi 4a: Current kernel support has been added, though it remains in the Work In Progress (WIP) state.
  • Lenovo X1S: Preview images featuring the latest Armbian build are reported to be functioning very well.
  • We’ve also successfully updated the old 32bit Marvell kernel, ensuring that our popular NAS, Helios4, will continue to receive updates and maintainer support.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • A significant bug affecting network speed on Rockpi S has been fixed, improving overall performance.
  • Numerous patches have been applied to H616/H618 Zero2 and Zero3 series, addressing issues with display, wireless, Bluetooth, and DVFS. These improvements aim to enhance the overall functionality of these platforms.
  • The default CPU governor has been changed to schedutil, optimizing performance and responsiveness.

Debian Compliance

In response to feedback from Debian, we have adjusted our packaging to align with Debian derivatives guidelines, ensuring a more consistent and standardized experience.


Thank you for your continued support and feedback. We encourage you to explore these updates and share your thoughts with us on our community forums.

Best regards,
The Armbian Team