Dear Armbian Community,

Here are the latest news!


We recently held a productive meeting to revamp our Build framework documentation. Our primary focus is on making the build framework internal help the ultimate source of truth. The existing pull request draft with hard-coded entries will be transformed into a JSON format, laying the foundation for comprehensive technical documentation. (meeting video)

Build Framework features

Explore the power of our build framework feature “extensions” – an easy yet robust way to create custom-builds with pre-installed applications. We’ve started providing Armbian with Home Assistant Supervised for selected boards, offering a hassle-free automated pre-installation for a full-blown experience.

Mobile-Friendly Desktop Environments

With an expanding array of hardware, we are on the lookout for developers interested in bringing up and maintaining mobile-friendly desktop environments such as Gnome mobile, Phosh, KDE mobile, etc. If you’re passionate about this, please get in touch for potential collaboration.

Geolocation Router Upgrade

In the past few weeks, we upgraded our Geolocation router to a JSON-driven system. We are actively addressing politically induced access issues, particularly in Ukraine/Russia regions. We aim to resolve these problems swiftly and continue providing a seamless service. In case you want to implement it for your services or just to peek how it works, sources are available.

Upcoming Release: 24.02

We are gearing up for the 24.02 release, focusing on bug fixes and strategic decisions on board support. Our revised board support rules aim to narrow our focus, ensuring better support for selected hardware. Stay tuned for an improved Armbian experience.

Vendor Appreciation

We believe in acknowledging vendors who support non-profit open-source movements. A heartfelt thank you to our partners: Khadas, Sinovoip, Ampere Computing, BiQu, Texas Instrument, Mekotronics, JetHome, LibreComputer, Pine64, Mixtile, for their ongoing support, all small supporters from Forums, GitHub and LiberaPay sponsors.

We extend our gratitude to the entire Armbian team, volunteers, and professional staff for their dedication and hard work.

Stay connected, stay open-source!

Best Regards,

The Armbian Team