Dear Armbian Community,

Here are the latest news!

With each new Armbian release, we bring you plenty of improvements. However, we also encounter some new bugs along the way. While some are our own doing, most come from various sources. Much of the software we distribute is common and maintained by third parties upstream, with our main focus on single board computers.

Challenges and Improvements

During the first week after the release, we faced some problems with the package repository. Our system is highly automated, but sometimes things don’t go smoothly. While trying to improve things, we accidentally caused a delay in updates for two weeks. We’re working hard to fix these issues and make our processes smoother for the future.

Rockchip Kernel Developments

We’ve been busy improving Rockchip vendor kernels, and we’re currently working on porting and testing their new 6.1.y release.

KDE Plasma Desktop Integration

KDE Neon

Even though we were in the final stages of our release cycle, we managed to include the brand new release of the KDE Plasma desktop. Now, all supported boards come with KDE Plasma Neon v6.1 desktop images, based on the Ubuntu package base. These images offer the latest stable Armbian kernels and LTS package base, without the bloatware or Snap, giving you the best desktop experience.

Documentation Enhancement Initiative

We’re committed to improving our documentation. We’ve updated our Pull Request templates to make it easier for people to contribute. If you’re interested in helping us improve our documentation, join our upcoming Documentation Follow-up Meeting for more collaboration. 

Stay tuned for more updates and improvements!

The Armbian team.