Greetings Armbian Community,

We’re thrilled to share our latest strides in enhancing partnerships, expanding support, and advancing innovations within the Armbian ecosystem. Here’s a roundup of recent developments:

1. Strengthening Partnerships in Shenzhen: We’ve embarked on a mission to fortify our collaborations with partners in Shenzhen, aimed at fostering better support for our community. During our visit, we engaged with both existing and potential partners to deepen our ties and enhance the services we offer to you. Read more

2. Platinum Support and Giveaway for Bananapi M7: We’re excited to announce the launch of platinum support and a special giveaway for the latest Bananapi M7, a collaborative effort between Bananapi and ARMSOM. This initiative aims to provide unparalleled assistance and rewards to our valued users. Learn more

3. Expansion of Community Build Framework: Our community interaction has led to the integration of several new boards, including SakuraPi and H96 TV box, into our build framework. Additionally, we’ve upgraded u-boot on 32-bit Rockchip devices and successfully ported Khadas Edge 2 to kernel 6.1. Moreover, FriendlyElec NAS now runs on mainline-based kernels, enriching our ecosystem with more versatile options.

4. Ongoing Upgrades and Future Ventures: In the pipeline, we have several exciting upgrades underway. We’re working on upgrading the Odroid XU kernel to version 6.6 and adding support for Orangepi 5 PRO. Furthermore, we’re introducing mainline kernel support for Orangepi Zero 2W, and our team is eagerly diving into the development of the new Radxa Rock 5 ITX board and Rock 5C.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to elevate the Armbian experience!

Best regards,

The Armbian Team