Dear Armbians,

Some fresh news for you!

Smaller and Leaner Minimal Images

Our minimal images have been further optimized, now featuring the smallest possible footprint while maintaining core OS functionality. We’ve decoupled networking from the main build framework, enabling the use of systemd-networkd, essential for keeping images lean. Network Manager is still present on server and desktop images and an option for those who need it. For more details, refer to our updated Network Management documentation. We have recompiled minimal images for all stable build targets and push out bugfix v24.5.3 update.

Armbian on Bananapi F3

We’re working on supporting the Bananapi F3, powered by SpacemiT K1 8 riscv64. Follow our progress and contribute to the development on GitHub.

Video Acceleration Fix and New Images

We’ve fixed video acceleration in Chromium on Khadas Edge 2 and recreated Orangepi 5 images, now supporting 32GB memory variants.

Enhanced Build Framework

Our build framework now logs all updates, from framework changes to kernel updates, documentation, and more. Monitor weekly changes on our GitHub releases page.

Improved Download Pages

We’ve significantly improved the UX of our download pages, making it easier to select the correct images for your needs. Images are now categorized for clarity.

Contributor Campaign

Soon, we’ll launch a new campaign rewarding contributors who improve Armbian’s build framework or OS. Regular contributors are automatically included. Become a regular contributor today and win a modern and powerful desktop workstation from Khadas.

FLOSS Weekly Podcast Feature

Armbian was recently featured on FLOSS Weekly, discussing various aspects of the distro, from vendor kernels to the ARM boot process. Listen to the episode here.

Stay updated, contribute, and help us make Armbian even better!

The Armbian team!