Dear Armbian Community,

We are excited to share some updates on the progress of our project with you.

Our crowdfunding campaign is just 3 days away from completion, and we have already started negotiating with one of our hardware suppliers for possible partnership. Join now if you haven’t yet!

We have added build configs kernel patches for Mekotronics R58 and expanded our community supported targets to include Risc-V Vision Five 2 boards, Star64, MangoPi, and Beagle V. Additionally, we have made 50+ bug fixes across all segments this week.

We have also made some improvements to our download images wizard with several new features:

  • We have added a date range filter to the board selection process, making it easier to find boards based on the year they were released.
  • We have added an architecture filter to the head, defaulting to aarch64, with direct links to architectures on our website and forums.
  • We have created a new group called “Community support” and moved CSC there, allowing for easier filtering and indexing.
  • We have added and enabled all RISC-V boards and a few others, although they are currently only available as nightly builds from Git until they are in a more stable stage.

We look forward to continuing our progress together, and we appreciate your continued support of our project.

Best regards,

The Armbian Team