Dear Armbian Community,

We are pleased to announce the official support for the Bigtreetech CB1 board on Armbian! The Bigtreetech CB1, developed by the respected Bigtreetech company, one of the most popular 3D printer brands among global creators, is a remarkable addition to our lineup. We are delighted to them as a Platinum partner, and we believe this collaboration will bring great value to our community.

In other news, we want to address the state of our Allwinner support. Realizing the need for a fresh approach and a dedicated focus on Allwinner-specific problems, we have been actively searching for someone who can take on this responsibility. We are fortunate to have found Julia Longtin, who has graciously agreed to step up. Julia brings a wealth of technical knowledge and experience in team leadership to the table. We are confident that her involvement will help us overcome the decline in support for Allwinner devices and work towards making them perform even better. Julia’s initial goal is to enhance automated testing for major Allwinner chips, including A20, H3, and H6. To achieve this, we will be adding several SD card emulators to improve our automated testing gears. As time permits, we will expand this level of automated testing capabilities to cover other chips as well. For day-to-day updates and discussions, you can find Julia on IRC #armbian or #armbian-allwinner with the username “juri_.”

We would like to congratulate roel, the winner of our previous giveaway, which featured the BananaPi CM4 Carrier Board. Your participation and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated. As one giveaway ends, another begins! We are excited to kick off our latest giveaway, featuring the BananaPi M2S. Head over to our forum  to participate and stand a chance to win this fantastic device.

Thank you for being a part of the Armbian community. With your continued support and the contributions of passionate individuals, we are confident in our ability to improve the situation and provide better support for Allwinner devices!

Best regards,

The Armbian Team