Sharing latest packages, images or application deployments can be tedious and time-consuming. Mistakes are made very easily when time is not on our side. And as containerized micro-services increase, it becomes challenging to detect integration issues, which can impact release timelines and extend lead time for changes or LTC (Lead Time to Change).

Armbian is a community-driven open-source operating system that solves this challenge by providing optimized Debian and Ubuntu Linux images for ARM development boards and ARM-based single board computers. This allows software teams to streamline the development process, speed up release to production, and deploy and maintain containers on embedded edge devices with ease.

Designed with a host of user-friendly features, Armbian allows users to:

  • Speed up time to market

Armbian comes with a powerful built-in Linux kernel and Debian framework that enables easy cross-compilation with Docker, on bare metal or virtualized. It is also designed to support over 120 different ARM-based Single Board Computers on a maintained secure open-source platform with boot loader and kernel optimizations, memory caching, ZRAM swap and video acceleration. This allows Armbian developers to reduce developer friction, build continuous integration and test infrastructure, and leverage existing unified and tested software to accelerate time to market for third party Linux projects.

  • Reduce costs

Armbian is a complete operating system for developing, deploying, and maintaining containers on any OS-neglected ARM single board computer. It is community driven, meaning it is free for users. Software teams can leverage Armbian’s optimized features to build, test, and deploy embedded and connected devices at a fraction of the cost of a single junior engineer.

  • Fully customized features based on application and use case

You can modify any part of the platform, integrate your own IP, applications and services, while still benefiting from our long-term support, quick security fixes, and documentation and community-based end user support. Even better, you control all your existing project source code, changes, and IP.

Users also get to enjoy a secure platform with industry leading security features that implements best industry standards throughout and is built for scalability and longevity. However, Armbian manages different configurations for dozens of System on Chip (SoC) architectures, sub-architectures, as well as configuration for the SBCs themselves, which sometimes slows down its functions and makes testing a challenge.

Armbian is a non-profit financed operating system, which relies on donations and well-wishers to efficiently operate. Given that Armbian developers have to focus on the core mission of maintaining the Armbian Build Platform, we have to rely heavily on other members of the community for extra support.

What we are asking you, our community and supporters, is to back us with your donations and help make the Armbian Build System FREE, RELIABLE, and EFFICIENT for all users. All funds raised in this campaign will be used to improve continuous integration we need to develop and maintain software, which will allow for a seamless end-to-end user experience. Please remember that no amount is too big or small. By supporting us, you are helping Armbian become the leading community driven platform that delivers modern software development tools for third party Linux projects. Thanks in advance and stay safe!

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