Dear Armbian Community,

At Armbian, we’re committed to providing stability without compromising on cutting-edge features. With that in mind, we deliver four point releases per year alongside our daily rolling releases, ensuring you have access to the best of both worlds.

We’re gearing up to roll out new point release images featuring the latest kernel and packages by the end of May!

Focus on Testing and Bug Hunting

It’s time that we all shift our focus towards testing and bug hunting. Let’s prioritize closing any pending issues that require minimal effort, reserving the rest for post-June 1st.

Notable Changes in the Pipeline

  • Enabling Ubuntu Noble builds while keep providing highly stabilised and optimised Jammy based userspace
  • On Debian side, we are keeping Bookworm
  • We keep well maintained and proven desktops: XFCE, GNOME, and Jammy based KDE Neon
  • Most popular Rokchip SoC is getting vendor kernel upgrade to 6.1.y with a focus on delivering a fully functional desktop experience.
  • We will refresh well maintained Home Assistant, OpenHab and Kali images for various boards. 
  • Addressing all known issues in our sources.

Get Involved!

We encourage everyone in the community to actively participate:

  • Check open Jira tickets on our participation page,
  • Report or browse open issues on our GitHub repository,
  • Review, close, or tag your pull requests here,
  • Propose new images for dedicated applications,
  • If maintaining contributions becomes overwhelming, consider this alternative. Someone else may pick it up for the next release.
  • Spread the word about our latest release on various forums.

What Else Are We Missing?

Your input matters! You are welcome to share any additional suggestions or ideas you believe could enhance our community.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the Armbian project.

Warm regards,

The Armbian Team