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LicheePi 4A

1. Download u-boot files for Armbian

Download the u-boot file for the corresponding memory version of LicheePi 4A from the Action or Releases section of chainsx/thead-u-boot.

2. Flash u-boot to EMMC (required)

If there is a DIP switch, set it to EMMC mode. Press the BOOT button on the board and connect lpi4a to the computer using a data cable. Then perform the following operations:

sudo fastboot flash ram ./firmware/u-boot-with-spl.bin
sudo fastboot reboot
sleep 10
sudo fastboot flash uboot ./firmware/u-boot-with-spl.bin 

For installation of drivers, refer to the Sipeed official Wiki.

3. Flash the system

Option 1: Flash the system to an SD card

You can use Etcher or other software.

Option 2: Flash the system to EMMC

(1) Use the UMS (USB Mass Storage) feature of u-boot (experimental):

Interrupt the u-boot countdown by pressing `Ctrl^C` when counting down using the serial port to enter the u-boot command line, then enter the following command:

ums 0 mmc 0

The EMMC will be mapped as a USB Mass Storage device on the computer, and you can use Etcher or other software to flash it.

(2) After booting from the SD card, use the dd command to copy the Armbian image to the EMMC.

4. Support status

It is recommended to use the legacy version based on T-Head SDK.

The edge version based on the mainline currently does not support the HDMI.