Orange Pi PC2

64bit allwinner GbE H5 mainline SPI flash Work in progress

Ubuntu server – mainline kernel
Command line interface – server usage scenarios.


Ubuntu desktop – mainline kernel
Server and light desktop usage scenarios.


other download options and archive

Known issues

All currently available OS images for H5 boards are experimental

  • don’t use them for anything productive but just to give constructive feedback to developers
  • shutdown might result in reboots instead or board doesn’t really power off (cut power physically)


Experimental images are based on the mainline kernel and mainline u-boot

Following features should work:

  • USB ports
  • Ethernet
  • THS
  • GPIO sysfs interface
  • CVBS (TV) output
  • SPI and I2C interfaces (activation requires DT patches or overlays)
  • HDMI display output with automatic detection of the resolution based on EDID
  • Analog audio output and onboard microphone input
  • SPI+USB boot
  • USB OTG (may require DT patches or overlays)

Features that do not work:

  • DVFS
  • Proper shutdown – switching off the power is recommended
  • Additional peripherials that are not enabled in the kernel config

Features that do not work and will not be fixed anytime soon:

  • Hardware accelerated video decoding
  • Mali driver
  • HDMI audio output


Quick start | Documentation


Make sure you have a good & reliable SD card and a proper power supply. Archives can be uncompressed with 7-Zip on Windows, Keka on OS X and 7z on Linux (apt-get install p7zip-full). RAW images can be written with Etcher (all OS).


Insert SD card into a slot and power the board. (First) boot (with DHCP) takes up to 35 seconds with a class 10 SD Card and cheapest board.


Login as root on HDMI / serial console or via SSH and use password 1234. You will be prompted to change this password at first login. Next you will be asked to create a normal user account that is sudo enabled (beware of default QWERTY keyboard settings at this stage).