Orange Pi Zero
Suitable for testing (WIP)
  • Experimental support, serial console only


Allwinner H616

* Specifications differ from hardware revision, model and software support level

Recommended download

Builds were tested for booting and basic operations.

VariantEUUSAAsiaTorrentUser spaceKernelIntegrity checkSizeLast modified
Buster stable5.10.ySHA  ASC326MJan 6 2021
Focal stable5.10.ySHA  ASC233MJan 6 2021


Test builds

Builds were made automatically from the trunk with unknown support status. Use at your own risk!

VariantGlobalChinaTorrentUser spaceKernelIntegrity checkSizeLast modified
Hirsute nightlyn/an/aunstable5.10.9SHA  ASC261MJan 21 2021