Community maintained
  • Audio support is currently missing

The 26 pin headers on Orange Pi Zero3 provides the following interfaces:-

  • 3 I2C
  • 2 UARTS
  • 2 PWM
  • 1 SPDIF
  • 1 I2S
  • and 1 SPI with 2 CS pins.

The pwm, spdif and i2s support is not there in kernel yet and hence overlays for them are not yet available. We have added overlays for i2c and uart. The spidev1_0 and spidev1_1 needs some editing and will be fixed in the future. When using the overlays, user should make sure they don’t enable overlay for features that use the same pin as this can cause conflict and either only one of the conflicting overlays or none of conflicting overlays will work. Its easy to fix it though as one can just disable it again from armbian-config.

Desktop releases with Armbian Linux v6.6

Build Date: Jul 12, 2024

Distro Desktop Extensions Torrent Integrity Size
Ubuntu 24.04 (Noble) Gnome SHA    ASC 1.2GB
* Desktops are very simple and minimal but containing standard features such as Chromium, Firefox browser, Office tools etc.

Server and IOT releases with Armbian Linux v6.6

Build Date: Jul 12, 2024

Distro Type Extensions Torrent Integrity Size
Debian 12 (Bookworm) Minimal / IOT SHA    ASC 231.5MB
* Minimal images have very small footprint. They come only with essential packages and build-in systemd-networkd.
* Server / CLI images comes with Network Manager and include packages like armbian-config, armbian-zsh etc.

Dedicated applications with Armbian Linux v6.6

Build Date: May 25, 2024

Distro Application Torrent Integrity Size
Debian 12 (Bookworm) Home Assistant SHA    ASC 346.5MB
Debian Testing (Trixie) Kali Linux SHA    ASC 500.9MB
* 3rd party unofficial applications deployment made with official Armbian build framework. Application support is not provided by Armbian team, but you are welcome to use our community forums for support.
While we try best possible to test provided images flaws can happen. If you experience issues please report those. Until we're able to fix latest builds stick to older images from our archive.


Allwinner H616

* Specifications differ from hardware revision, model and software support level


  • check previous images from archive
  • join community forums


BASH or ZSH shell, standard Debian/Ubuntu utilities. Features can be adjusted with menu-driven utility. Login is possible via serial, HDMI or SSH.


Minimal, server or Desktop. We work with XFCE, Gnome and Cinnamon but more is possible to build: Mate, KDE, Budgie, Deepin, i3, …


No bloatware or spyware. Special utilities are completely optional. Suitable for newcomers and professionals.


Distributed images are optimized for flash media (SD/eMMC/SSD) and compacted to real data size.


Armbian is optimized on kernel and userspace level. ZRAM & ZSWAP support, browser profile memory caching, garbage commit delay.


Security level can be adjusted with the armbian-config. OS is reviewed by professionals within the community.


Maintainers and community have deep understanding how HW work. We are seniors with 30+ years of experience in Linux + embedded Linux.


Armbian provides open source build framework to build a distribution of optimised Linux hardware interface for armhf, aarch64 and x86.

We provide a selection of images that fits hardware best. If you need different image – use build framework and make whatever you need. Build framework relies on Debian and Ubuntu packages – you can build any combination – stable, old stable or rolling release.

Minimal images comes only with essentials and without armbian-config, armbian-zsh, build-essentials, Python, DKMS, …

Make sure you have a good & reliable boot media (SD card / USB key) and a proper power supply. Archives can be flashed with Etcher (all OS) directly.

Insert the SD card into the slot, connect a cable to your network if possible or a display and power your board. (First) boot (with DHCP) takes a bit longer.

Support is provided in one of two ways: