No official support (CSC)
  • There may be a known issue that could affect this board on some IPv4 only networks. Symptoms are variable, from intermittent drop-outs and slow-downs to total loss of one NIC or total loss of networking. The issue can be completely eliminated by disabling IPv6. Don’t try to do this through armbian-config this method does not work. IPv6 must be disabled by adding a line extraargs="ipv6.disable=1" to /boot/armbianEnv.txt

Other supported variants

User spaceInterfaceEUUSAAsiaTorrentKernelIntegritySizeRelease date
Bullseye Minimal CLI5.15.ySHA  ASC272MNov 30, 2022
Jammy Minimal CLI5.15.ySHA  ASC277MNov 30, 2022
* Looking for different or custom variant? Use Armbian build framework!
Use armbian-config utility to adjust your system settings


1000tx 4 core 64bit UASP spi flash usb-c wireguard Rockchip RK3328

* Specifications differ from hardware revision, model and software support level

Rolling weekly releases

     User spaceKernelIntegritySizeRelease date
Lunar CLI     rolling6.1.9SHA  ASC473MFeb 5, 2023
Lunar minimal    rolling6.1.9SHA  ASC409MFeb 5, 2023
Sid CLI     rolling6.1.9SHA  ASC571MFeb 5, 2023
Sid minimal    rolling6.1.9SHA  ASC420MFeb 5, 2023

  • Debian testing or Arch - Manjaro support quality level
  • Untested automated builds for power users that are able to fix problems on their own
  • Images are receiving updates when master branch changes