Khadas offers top-quality single board computers for makers and developers, with cutting-edge technology, open-source philosophy, and professional technical support. Join their global community for the ultimate tinkering experience.

Biqu Equipment

Biqu Equipment is a manufacturer of 3D printer, mainboard, extruder and accessories.

Ampere Computing

Ampere Computing develops high performance ARM-based computer processors and CPU cores under their Altra brands.


SinoVoip is a single board computer vendor who has many of their SBC's supported by Armbian! They are more commonly known by their moniker "Banana Pi" and have boards such as the Banana Pi M5 and Banana Pi M2 Pro which are supported by Armbian available for purchase now!


Texas Instruments


Single board computers - Media players - Digital signages

Libre Computer

Libre Computer is a single board computer vendor who has many of their SBC's supported by Armbian!



Is Hong-Kong-based organization that designs, manufactures, and sells single-board computers, notebook computers, a smartwatch, and smartphones.


JetHome is manufacturer of automation equipment focused into Linux-based open source home automation controllers.


Mixtile is an IoT hardware solution provider specializing in high-performance and low-power System-on-Modules and Single Board Computers.


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