Suitable for testing (WIP)

Armbian 23.05 Jammy
Kernel 5.15.y, Size: 574Mb, Release date: Mar 24, 2023
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Automated weekly build

Armbian 23.02 Lunar
Kernel 6.1.y, Size: 998Mb, Release date: Feb 13, 2023
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Automated weekly build
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1000tx 1wire 2GB 4GB 6 core 64bit UASP aarch64 bluetooth docker eMMC i2c i2s m2 mpci pci spi spi flash usb-c usb3 wifi wireguard Rockchip RK3399

* Specifications differ from hardware revision, model and software support level



BASH or ZSH shell, standard Debian/Ubuntu utilities. Features can be adjusted with menu-driven utility. Login is possible via serial, HDMI or SSH.


Minimal, server or Desktop. We work with XFCE, Gnome and Cinnamon but more is possible to build: Mate, KDE, Budgie, Deepin, i3, ...


No bloatware or spyware. Special utilities are completely optional. Suitable for newcomers and professionals.


Distributed images are optimized for flash media (SD/eMMC/SSD) and compacted to real data size.


Armbian is optimized on kernel and userspace level. ZRAM & ZSWAP support, browser profile memory caching, garbage commit delay.


Security level can be adjusted with the armbian-config. OS is reviewed by professionals within the community.


Maintainers and community have deep understanding how HW work. We are seniors with 30+ years of experience in Linux + embedded Linux.


Armbian provides open source build framework to build a distribution of optimised Linux hardware interface for armhf, aarch64 and x86.
Minimal images comes without armbian-config, armbian-zsh, build-essentials, Python, DKMS, ... If you are interested in detailed comparison, CLI images also have those packages:

Rolling weekly releases

 User spaceKernelIntegritySizeRelease date
Armbian Lunar minimalrolling6.1.11SHA  ASC998MFeb 13, 2023
Armbian Sid minimalrolling6.1.11SHA  ASC1000MFeb 13, 2023
Armbian Lunar CLI rolling6.1.11SHA  ASC1040MFeb 13, 2023
Armbian Sid CLI rolling6.1.11SHA  ASC1107MFeb 13, 2023
Armbian Lunar XFCE desktop rolling6.1.11SHA  ASC1928MFeb 13, 2023
Armbian Sid XFCE desktop rolling6.1.11SHA  ASC1904MFeb 13, 2023

Rolling releases from CI pipeline

 User spaceKernelIntegritySizeRelease date
Armbian Jammy minimal CLIstable5.15.104SHA  ASC574MMar 24, 2023

  • Debian testing or Arch - Manjaro support quality level
  • Untested automated builds for power users that are able to fix problems on their own
  • Images are receiving updates when main branch changes