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Khadas VIM3

In order to boot Armbian from VIM3 with pre-flashed OS on eMMC you need to:

  1. Download Khadas Rescue tool for VIM3 and flash it to a spare SD card
  2. Insert SD card, attach USB keyboard + monitor or a serial console and boot into Khadas Rescue Tool
  3. Choose: Advanced -> eMMC -> Fast erase and Advanced -> Erase SPI Flash (Yes). Go back and select "power off"

Now you can boot Armbian from SD card and install to eMMC the standard way.

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Odroid N2 / N2+

  • some people are having troubles with booting with Petitboot loader. In case you have troubles too, you need to disable Petitboot by running fw_setenv skip_spiboot true in the command line of Petitboot
  • On modern kernels adding “video=HDMI-A-1:1920x1080M@60D” to boot /boot/armbianEnv.txt (extraargs=) should force HDMI to 1080p instead of the 4K native resolution.