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La Frite

SPI bootloader update: Download the firmware file (.bin) and update script (.scr). Insert USB drive or card reader that is formatted as FAT32 or EXT2/3/4. Copy the firmware file and update script to the device. Rename the .scr file to “boot.scr” without quotes. Eject the drive from your computer and plug it into La Frite. …

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UART is accessible on pin 6 (GND),8 (TX) and 10 (RX) and with unusual speed: 1500000 Video and 3D acceleration addon Clocking to maximum safe CPU speed (1.51Ghz) is possible this way: sed -i “s/MAX_SPEED=.*/MAX_SPEED=1510000/” /etc/default/cpufrequtils service cpufrequtils restart Make sure to install large heatsink!