What’s New?

Check release changelog below for full log of changes and fixes.

Reasons to choose Armbian…

  • Specially tailored images for dedicated hardware or UEFI (aarch64 or x86)
  • Powerful SDK which know how to build a package, an image or a whole Debian like Linux distribution
  • Community development on GitHub with many CI features
  • 2FA authentication via SSH
  • Automated language selection
  • Intel emulation support (box64),
  • Wireless drivers for 8192eu, 8812au, 8821cu, 88x2cs, 8822bs (plug and play)
  • ZFS compilation support
  • Stable (CURRENT) or rolling (EDGE) software release experience
  • Support (from official to experimental) for all major desktop environments (budgie, cinnamon, gnome, i3-wm, kde-plasma, mate, xfce, xmonad

Reasons to work with and support Armbian…

  • Armbian releases quarterly at the end of February, May, August, November,
  • Armbian does a lot of planning and finalizing for each release,
  • Releases include coordination between developers, dedicated board maintainers and our many volunteers.

How can you help?

  • Time: For those who want to contribute time, please check open applications,
  • Money: For those who can help monetarily, please consider making a donation.

To download Armbian Community releases visit: Armbian Community Releases

To download Armbian official releases visit: Armbian Official Releases

To see the full release change log, please visitRelease Changelog