What’s New?

  • added Bananapi M5, Odroid M1 and Rockpi 4C plus
  • enabled community images with weekly release cycle
  • added ultra minimal images optimized for software deployment
  • added RiscV64 UEFI build support
  • improved support for Rockpi S
  • kernel upgrade is frozen by default to improve stability

Check release changelog below for full log of changes and fixes.

Reasons to choose Armbian…

  • Friendly, optimized and extremely lightweight universal OS with low memory footprint
  • Specially tailored images for dedicated hardware or UEFI (aarch64, x86, Riscv64)
  • Powerful SDK that knows how to build a package, an image or a whole Debian like Linux distribution
  • Community development on GitHub with many CI features
  • 2FA authentication via SSH
  • Automated language selection
  • Intel emulation support (box64)
  • Wireless drivers for 8192eu, 8812au, 8821cu, 88x2cs, 8822bs (plug and play)
  • ZFS compilation support
  • Stable (CURRENT) or latest (EDGE) software release experience
  • Fixed and rolling release cycle
  • Support for all major desktop environments (cinnamon, gnome, xfce)

Reasons to work with and support Armbian…

  • Armbian releases quarterly at the end of February, May, August, November
  • Armbian does a lot of planning and finalizing for each release
  • Releases include coordination between developers, dedicated board maintainers and our many volunteers

How can you help?

  • Time: For those who want to contribute time, please check open applications
  • Money: For those who can help monetarily, please consider making a donation

To download Armbian Community releases visit: Armbian Community Releases

To download Armbian official releases visit: Armbian Official Releases

To see the full release change log, please visitRelease Changelog

This release represent yet another big altruistic contribution. It is consistent, often hard and sometimes boring work.

A big Thank You goes out to @hzyitc, @150balbes, @rpardini, @paolosabatino, @The-going, @Manouchehri, @belegdol, @amazingfate, @EvilOlaf, @mhoffrog, @marcone, @joekhoobyar, @adeepn, @brentr, @SteeManMI, @TheLinuxBug, @Tonymac32, @aiamadeus, @ashthespy, @mklein-de, @schwar3kat, @Heisath, @iamdrq, @iav and all people which are busy developing in silence, busy with life, all those that are with us who did not leave any formal traces in our Jira, staff that is developing and maintaining support infrastructure, our partners, our families and our pets cat.

Thank you to everyone who participates for your contributions to open source and to the #Armbian project, we have again made tremendous improvements on all levels and solved many problems that were leaving many waiting!