Desktop releases with Armbian Linux v6.1

Build Date: Jun 21, 2024

Distro Desktop Extensions Torrent Integrity Size
Debian 12 (Bookworm) Cinnamon SHA    ASC 1.4GB
Debian 12 (Bookworm) XFCE SHA    ASC 1.3GB
Ubuntu 24.04 (Noble) Gnome trunk MESA / VPU SHA    ASC 1.4GB
Ubuntu 24.04 (Noble) XFCE trunk MESA / VPU SHA    ASC 1.4GB
* Desktops are very simple and minimal but containing standard features such as Chromium, Firefox browser, Office tools etc.

Server and IOT releases with Armbian Linux v6.1

Build Date: Jun 21, 2024

Distro Type Extensions Torrent Integrity Size
Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy) Server / CLI SHA    ASC 477.9MB
Ubuntu 24.04 (Noble) Server / CLI SHA    ASC 416.2MB
* Minimal images have very small footprint. They come only with essential packages and build-in systemd-networkd.
* Server / CLI images comes with Network Manager and include packages like armbian-config, armbian-zsh etc.
Mainline based kernels are never feature complete. Become a Gold partner and sponsor development of feature you need.


Rockchip RK3588

* Specifications differ from hardware revision, model and software support level


  • check previous images from archive
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BASH or ZSH shell, standard Debian/Ubuntu utilities. Features can be adjusted with menu-driven utility. Login is possible via serial, HDMI or SSH.


Minimal, server or Desktop. We work with XFCE, Gnome and Cinnamon but more is possible to build: Mate, KDE, Budgie, Deepin, i3, …


No bloatware or spyware. Special utilities are completely optional. Suitable for newcomers and professionals.


Distributed images are optimized for flash media (SD/eMMC/SSD) and compacted to real data size.


Armbian is optimized on kernel and userspace level. ZRAM & ZSWAP support, browser profile memory caching, garbage commit delay.


Security level can be adjusted with the armbian-config. OS is reviewed by professionals within the community.


Maintainers and community have deep understanding how HW work. We are seniors with 30+ years of experience in Linux + embedded Linux.


Armbian provides open source build framework to build a distribution of optimised Linux hardware interface for armhf, aarch64 and x86.

We provide a selection of images that fits hardware best. If you need different image – use build framework and make whatever you need. Build framework relies on Debian and Ubuntu packages – you can build any combination – stable, old stable or rolling release.

Minimal images comes only with essentials and without armbian-config, armbian-zsh, build-essentials, Python, DKMS, …

Make sure you have a good & reliable boot media (SD card / USB key) and a proper power supply. Archives can be flashed with Etcher (all OS) directly.

Insert the SD card into the slot, connect a cable to your network if possible or a display and power your board. (First) boot (with DHCP) takes a bit longer.

Support is provided in one of two ways:

Rolling releases from CI pipeline

Build Date: Jul 13, 2024

Distro VariantUser space Kernel TorrentIntegrity Size
Ubuntu 24.04 (Noble) XFCE stable 6.1.43 SHA  ASC 817.8MB
Debian Testing (Trixie) Minimal / IOT stable 6.1.43 SHA  ASC 227.1MB

Rolling releases are suitable for Linux enthusiasts who want cutting edge packages and have the skills to fix damage that a bad update might cause. If you want stability in a production environment or low headaches as a novice user, skip rolling releases. They are only at, build and ship, Debian testing / Arch / Manjaro / Suse Tumbleweed / Kali / Gentoo support quality level!