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Rockpi S

  • If your RockPi-S is equipped with >=2GB SDNAND, you may flash an OS image directly to this internal flash as follows:
    • Build Linux x86 binary rkdeveloptool (sources) on host
    • Remove any SDcard
    • Hold down MASKROM button while you…
    • Power on or press the RESET button to enter flash mode
    • Release the MASKROM button after 2 seconds
      Next, run these host commands to flash the internal SDnand:


  • Holding the MASKROM button during reset prevents booting from internal the SDNAND.
  • But, the board will always boot from the SD Card, if it finds a valid image there.
  • Kernel serial console is on UART0.  [some older images have their console on UART2]
  • The serial console operates at 1.5Mbaud with 8 data, 1 stop, and no parity bits.
  • Black(left)=GND, White(center)=TxD, Green(right)=RxD

If you have a recent board (revision >=1.3), you should add the following line to your /boot/armbianEnv.txt file to tune for the newer “BS” silicon:

overlays=bs bs@1.3ghz

Refer to /boot/dtb/rockchip/overlay/README.rockchip-overlays for more information.