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Orange Pi R1+ (LTS)

There is currently a known issue that may affect this board on some IPv4 only networks. Symptoms are variable, from intermittent drop-outs and slow-downs to total loss of one NIC or total loss of networking. The issue can be completely eliminated by disabling ipv6. Don’t try to do this through armbian-config this method does not …

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Generic ARM64

improved support in GRUB (armbian wallpaper) & HiDPI GRUB support all preinstalled applications are normal apt packages current 5.15.y kernel, Jammy userland snapd is not installed (user can install it) HiDPI support (automated adjustments on big screen resolutions) ZFS 2.1.5 ready (apt install zfsutils-linux zfs-dkms) face unlock works perfectly (if your camera is supported), Installation …

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Generic Intel / AMD

Better then Ubuntu? No Canonical proprietary solutions. Better then Debian? More recent package base. Better then both: HiDPI support for GRUB and desktop (automated adjustments on big screen resolutions), NVIDIA graphics acceleration with proprietary driver, Intel graphics acceleration also works out of the box, preinstalled Google Chrome and Microsoft Visual Studio Code, ZFS 2.1.5 ready …

Radxa Zero
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Radxa Zero

If you have a Radxa Zero with eMMC (any model with 2GB or 4GB of RAM), you’ll need to erase the eMMC before you can boot it from a microSD card and use Armbian. Full instructions are available on the Radxa wiki, but here are some quick notes. – Connect a USB cable to the …

Orange Pi Zero
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Orange Pi Zero 2

Legacy kernel based images are using improved and updated stock kernel. If you care that things works (wireless, Bluetooth, CPU frequency scaling, power off, reboot, …) but it uses proprietary boot loader and it comes without our support, use it. Mainline kernel has experimental support only

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Rockpi S

Login console is enabled also on USB-c connector Image can be flashed directly (hold maskrom button when powering on to enter flash mode) to NAND (legacy kernel only) with Linux x86 binary rkdeveloptool (sources) Steps: sudo rkdeveloptool db rk3308_loader_uart0_m0_emmc_port_support_sd_20190717.bin # will output: Downloading bootloader succeeded. sudo rkdeveloptool wl 0 /path/to/uncompressed_armbian_image # will output: Write LBA …