Orange Pi R1 Plus LTS
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Orange Pi R1+ LTS

The Orange Pi R1 Plus LTS has similar capabilities to the Orange Pi R1 Plus, but the Orange Pi R1 Plus LTS has a different Ethernet chip. Their device trees and drivers are not compatible and they also have a different form factors and their enclosures are not compatible. This little board is great for …

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Generic Intel / AMD

Images are designed and optimised to run directly from USB/SD/eMMC/SSD flash media. Installation via transferring live image to the internal media is not yet supported. Workaround is manually DD-ing image or partition (if GRUB is already installed) to the internal media and run it that way. For more information please use this topic. NVIDIA proprietary driver …

Orange Pi Zero
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Orange Pi Zero 2

Legacy kernel based images are using improved and updated stock kernel. If you care that things works (wireless, Bluetooth, CPU frequency scaling, power off, reboot, …) but it uses proprietary boot loader and it comes without our support, use it. Mainline kernel has experimental support only

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Rockpi S

Login console is enabled also on USB-c connector Image can be flashed directly (hold maskrom button when powering on to enter flash mode) to NAND (legacy kernel only) with Linux x86 binary rkdeveloptool (sources) Steps: sudo rkdeveloptool db rk3308_loader_uart0_m0_emmc_port_support_sd_20190717.bin # will output: Downloading bootloader succeeded. sudo rkdeveloptool wl 0 /path/to/uncompressed_armbian_image # will output: Write LBA …