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Generic Intel / AMD

Images are designed and optimised to run directly from USB/SD/eMMC/SSD flash media. Installation via transferring live image to the internal media is not yet supported. Workaround is manually DD-ing image or partition (if GRUB is already installed) to the internal media and run it that way. For more information please use this topic. NVIDIA proprietary driver …

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Odroid HC4

If you have variant with LCD display – here you can download driver. Important: To be able to boot clean Armbian mainline based u-boot / kernel experiences, you need to remove incompatible Petitboot loader that is shipped with the board. Try one of the following methods: Bootloader Bypass Method This is now the preferred method.  …

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Nanopi M4 V2

UART is accessible on a standard connector but with unusual speed: 1500000 If you don’t have USB Type-C PSU, you can power the board via pins 4 (5V) and 6 (GND) of the 40-pin GPIO1 header Powering related troubles are possible since USB Type-C is not PD-compliant Enable video and 3D acceleration

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Rockpi 4 A / B / C

Images below are for model B. For A (without wireless) can be downloaded here and for C (dual monitor) here. How to install Armbian’s mainline u-boot into SPI and boot NVMe drives How to solve boot troubles with SPI enabled boards? (variant 2)

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Orange Pi RK3399

UART has unusual speed: 1500000 boot from SD card is possible by shorting TP50265 to the ground and powering the board. After Armbian boots up, you can overwrite eMMC. You need to do this procedure only once or in case you totally brick your system. once you have Armbian booting from eMMC, you can boot SD card …

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UART is accessible on pin 6 (GND),8 (TX) and 10 (RX) and with unusual speed: 1500000 Enable video and 3D acceleration flash the 128M SPI memory to also boot from USB or PXE (it if goes wrong, follow these instructions) short-pressing (~1s) the power button turns the board on, long-pressing it (~3s) turns it off. If it …

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Nanopc T4 UART is accessible on a standard connector but with unusual speed: 1500000 If you want to boot from your SD card you need to hold boot button while powering up/resetting Enable video and 3D acceleration

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Version 7 EspressoBIN (identifiable by sata power connection instead of molex) has ethernet ports in the reverse order.  This can be fixed in armbianEnv.txt with the line “fdtfile=marvell/armada-3720-espressobin-v7.dtb” manual flashing to latest u-boot is mandatory, again (as part of 2022.05 release)! Download the right boot flash for your board: 512,1G,2G, number of RAM chips (identify …