Orange Pi R1 Plus LTS
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Orange Pi R1+ LTS

The Orange Pi R1 Plus LTS has similar capabilities to the Orange Pi R1 Plus, but the Orange Pi R1 Plus LTS has a different Ethernet chip. Their device trees and drivers are not compatible and they also have a different form factors and their enclosures are not compatible. This little board is great for …

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Generic Intel / AMD

Images are designed and optimised to run directly from USB/SD/eMMC/SSD flash media. Installation via transferring live image to the internal media is not yet supported. Workaround is manually DD-ing image or partition (if GRUB is already installed) to the internal media and run it that way. For more information please use this topic. NVIDIA proprietary driver …

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Nanopi R2S

Login console is enabled also on mUSB connector Known problem: reboot sometimes doesn’t bring the device back. Network devices are not managed by Network manager. Configure via /etc/network/interfaces

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Version 7 EspressoBIN (identifiable by sata power connection instead of molex) has ethernet ports in the reverse order.  This can be fixed in armbianEnv.txt with the line “fdtfile=marvell/armada-3720-espressobin-v7.dtb” manual flashing to latest u-boot is mandatory, again (as part of 2022.05 release)! Download the right boot flash for your board: 512,1G,2G, number of RAM chips (identify …