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Odroid C4

Kernel 4.9.y Same hardware support as stock Hardkernel builds. Same old u-boot, same kernel and same problems. Kernel 5.6.y + modern 2020.04 u-boot Reboot hangs on boot loader – power cycle helps (only uSD cards affected, eMMC seems to work).

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Odroid N2 / N2+

How to change screen resolution (legacy kernel)? armbian-config -> system -> Display (Set the display resolution) Mainline kernel can have troubles with network!!!  

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Odroid HC1 / HC2 / MC1

This board is stripped Odroid XU4 and we use the same images, however, we provide a specially optimized config (for kernel 4.14.y or higher) which has to be applied manually. This results in shorter boot time and lower consumption. Run armbian-config utility and go to section system -> DTB and select optimized board configuration for Odroid HC1. …

Hardkernel Odroid C1
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Odroid C1

no HDMI output (serial console only) no USB hotplugging, power the board with USB device is needed eMMC not supported picky on SD card brand (known to work well)