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Support for generic RK3228A, RK3228B and RK3229 TV boxes, with various commercial names and manufacturers (MXQ 4k, MXQ Pro 4k, V88 Mars, A8, Model X, etc…) Due to the really large hardware variety, there is the rare chance that the images proposed here may not boot. If a bad image is burned in eMMC, the …

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Odroid C4

In case you are experiencing reboot troubles, make sure to update u-boot. How? Run this command as root: nand-sata-install -> “Update bootloader”

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Orange Pi 4

UART has unusual speed: 1500000 Make sure to add large heatsink Powering related troubles are possible since USB Type-C is not PD-compliant

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Nanopi M4 V2

UART is accessible on a standard connector but with unusual speed: 1500000 If you don’t have USB Type-C PSU, you can power the board via pins 4 (5V) and 6 (GND) of the 40-pin GPIO1 header Powering related troubles are possible since USB Type-C is not PD-compliant. In fact you have to use dumb 5V PSU or …

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Odroid N2 / N2+

On modern kernels adding “video=HDMI-A-1:1920x1080M@60D” to boot /boot/armbianEnv.txt (extraargs=) should force HDMI to 1080p instead of the 4K native resolution.

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Rockpi 4

Images below are for model C. Additional Images: For Model A (without wireless) can be downloaded here For Model B here. For Model C+ (work in progress) – get the latest nightly build here. For Model SE, use the Model B builds here. How to install Armbian’s mainline u-boot into SPI and boot NVMe drives …

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Orange Pi RK3399

UART has unusual speed: 1500000 boot from SD card is possible by shorting TP50265 to the ground and powering the board. After Armbian boots up, you can overwrite eMMC. You need to do this procedure only once or in case you totally brick your system. once you have Armbian booting from eMMC, you can boot SD card …