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Pinebook Pro

    • Some eMMC modules might not work well.
    • Recent batch (since mid-2022) seem to have shipped with a different bootloader configuration, some times preventing booting from SD card and/or eMMC. Until a proper fix can be implemented, the recommended workaround is to install a bootloader to SPI. Further details and instructions can be found in this forum thread.
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  • UART is accessible on pin 6 (GND),8 (TX) and 10 (RX) and with unusual speed: 1500000
  • Enable video and 3D acceleration
  • flash the 128M SPI memory to also boot from USB or PXE (it if goes wrong, follow these instructions)
  • short-pressing (~1s) the power button turns the board on, long-pressing it (~3s) turns it off. If it gets stuck while halting, press the reset button. If it does not boot (ie the white led does not come up), reset, then power on.
  • if you experience USB3 storage lack of reliability (error messages followed by filesystem corruption), check your power supply, usb cable and connectors and disk/ssd. All these factors can lead to undervoltage issues (some ssd could produce power consumption spikes triggering undervoltage).
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Pine H64

  • PCIe port is not supported: Allwinner H6 has a quirky PCIe controller that doesn’t map the PCIe address space properly to CPU, and accessing the PCIe config space, IO space or memory space will need to be wrapped. As Linux doesn’t wrap PCIe memory space access, it’s not possible to do a proper PCIe controller driver for H6. The BSP kernel modifies the driver to wrap the access, so it’s also not generic, and only devices with modified driver will work. Armbian does not support BSP based kernels. You can find more information here and here.
  • USB3 sometimes doesn’t detect high-speed devices properly
Pinebook A64
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Pinebook A64

  • Supported 720 and 1080p model,
  • DVFS, battery and brightness control,
  • MALI with opensource Lima drivers,
  • Chromium web-dl enabled,
  • not enabled or not tested: suspend/resume