Orange Pi Zero
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Orange Pi Zero 2

Legacy kernel based images are using improved and updated stock kernel. If you care that things works (wireless, Bluetooth, CPU frequency scaling, power off, reboot, …) but it uses proprietary boot loader and it comes without our support, use it. Mainline kernel has experimental support only

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Orange Pi 3

PCIe port is not supported: Allwinner H6 has a quirky PCIe controller that doesn’t map the PCIe address space properly to CPU, and accessing the PCIe config space, IO space or memory space will need to be wrapped. As Linux doesn’t wrap PCIe memory space access, it’s not possible to do a proper PCIe controller …

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Nanopi R1

serial console is enabled on UART1, which is exposed on chasis, mUSB console is also enabled for login Bluetooth is not yet enabled. One Ethernet device gets random MAC