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Odroid M1

Important: For Armbian 23.08 or more recent versions:

  1. Write image to SD using BalenaEtcher.
  2. Boot from SD by holding the recovery (RCI) button while powering the board.
  3. Release RCY button after the blue LED flashes once.
  4. Once booted, use armbian-install to write u-boot to MTD (SPI flash). This completely and irrevocably removes Petitboot, replacing it with mainline u-boot.
  5. You can also install to NVMe, USB, or eMMC. NVMe or eMMC is recommended.

For Armbian 23.05 and previous releases:

In order to boot Armbian, you need to disable Petitboot by running fw_setenv skip_spiboot true in the command line of Petitboot. This won’t run Petitboot again. But cons it will only boot from eMMC or SD card, not from USB nor NMVe nor SATA.
(this method no longer works for 23.08 or later, see above)