Rock 5

PD is broken (hardware issue) on most revisions that are in the wild and is causing boot loop. Workaround is to use stupid / fixed at 5 volts USB-C power supply. Installation to NVME or USB is done via standard armbian install utility (sudo armbian-install). Make sure to generate partitions and format them before start. …

Radxa Zero
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Radxa Zero

If you have a Radxa Zero with eMMC (any model with 2GB or 4GB of RAM), you’ll need to erase the eMMC before you can boot it from a microSD card and use Armbian. Full instructions are available on the Radxa wiki, but here are some quick notes. – Connect a USB cable to the …

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Rockpi S

If your RockPi-S is equipped with >=2GB SDNAND, you may flash an OS image directly to this internal flash as follows: Build Linux x86 binary rkdeveloptool (sources) on host Remove any SDcard Hold down MASKROM button while you… Power on or press the RESET button to enter flash mode Release the MASKROM button after 2 …

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Rockpi 4

Images below are for model C. Additional Images: For Model A (without wireless) can be downloaded here For Model B here. For Model C+ here. For Model SE, use the Model B builds here. How to install Armbian’s mainline u-boot into SPI and boot NVMe drives How to solve boot troubles with SPI enabled boards? …