Olimex Teres
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Olimex Teres A64

Working: battery, temperature (possibly a bit wrong readings), DVFS, HDMI auto detect, power off, eMMC install, Mesa GL drivers, Known limitations: suspend/resume, brightness level, audio untested

Pinebook A64
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Pinebook A64

Supported 720 and 1080p model, DVFS, battery and brightness control, MALI with opensource Lima drivers, Chromium web-dl enabled, not enabled or not tested: suspend/resume

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Sopine A64

In case you experience troubles with networking Report all issues here.

Pine 64
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The only led on the board is a power LED, it starts to light as soon as power is available and does not indicate anything else. DC-IN via Micro USB, keep in mind that most USB cables have a resistance way too high which leads to undervoltage situations. It is recommended to power your Pine64(+) …