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Generic Intel / AMD

Images are designed and optimised to run directly from USB/SD/eMMC/SSD flash media. Installation via transferring live image to the internal media is not yet supported. Workaround is manually DD-ing image or partition (if GRUB is already installed) to the internal media and run it that way. For more information please use this topic. NVIDIA proprietary driver …

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Khadas VIM1

To be able to boot Armbian SD card image and install Armbian to eMMC, use one of the methods to boot into upgrade mode. If you have most recent board revision (1.4 ->) then you only need to quickly press the function key (middle) 3 times in 2 seconds. Release and boot will proceed from …

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Nanopi R2S

Login console is enabled also on mUSB connector Known problem: reboot sometimes doesn’t bring the device back. Network devices are not managed by Network manager. Configure via /etc/network/interfaces